hi, i’m jasmine!

I share personal essays, half-baked advice, and little life updates here every few months.

I write about books, digital life, and Coming Of Age; I believe in ideas and world-building and trusting your passions. I try to strike a balance between being generative and adversarial, but as with all things, it’s a work in progress.

about me

I'm currently most excited about designing better information ecosystems.

By day, I work on product at Substack; by night, I run Reboot, a publication and community reimagining techno-optimism for a better collective future. On weekends, I’ve been learning about the politics of crypto with the support of the Ethereum Foundation and 0xPARC, and with whatever time’s left, I wander New York City and try to read and write as much as I can.

My past work has included research and product roles across the civic innovation ecosystem: tech policy at Schmidt Futures, disaster resilience at One Concern, public interest tech curricula for Stanford CS classes, smart cities at ICDI, podcasting with Rebuilding Government, and researching social networks at the Oxford Internet Institute. I've also done a few brief, fruitless stints in finance, consulting, and Big Tech (TM).

But I've often had the most fun learning outside of work and school. Some of these formative experiences included six years as a competitive debater; ten years writing anonymously on countless blogs and forums; and miscellaneous long-term volunteer roles in museums, education, and gender-based violence.

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You can find my Twitter here, a full collection of my writing here, and my Goodreads profile here.

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